Given the role the global corporations play in modern society's everyday lives, the Lantos Foundation feels strongly that those entities be held accountable for the impact their operations have on citizens around the world and their basic human rights. It is no longer enough to hold only governments responsible for their citizens' well-being when corporations can often hold the same amount of influence. We seek to encourage all businesses and business leaders to fully consider the human impact of their work, especially as it relates to basic human rights. 

The idea of Corporate Responsibility grew out of a 2007 Congressional hearing in which then House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Tom Lantos scolded Internet executives for violating user privacy rights in authoritarian countries. These practices often resulted in the imprisonment of citizens seeking to use their voices to enact change. Given that background, the Lantos Foundation has a special focus on Internet freedom issues. We also desire to recognize good corporate actors and expose bad corporate actors in a public way.