Lantos Congressional Fellows Program

Description of the 2019 Lantos Congressional Fellows program :

Each Lantos Congressional Fellow will be assigned to work in the office of a US Representative, a US Senator, or a relevant Congressional Committee Staff. For 2019, placements will begin in early September and run through the first week of December.


Each Lantos Fellow will be tasked by their employing office with responsibilities determined by his/her supervisor.  All offices will be provided with an overview of their Fellow’s previous professional and academic experience, and will be encouraged to emphasize human rights policy where applicable to enhance their Fellow’s understanding. The responsibilities of previous Lantos Fellows have ranged from drafting legislation and representing the Member’s Office during meetings to communications strategy and constituent relations.

During their time on Capitol Hill, Lantos Fellows will participate in weekly continuing education sessions coordinated by the Lantos Foundation to expand their practical knowledge and provide additional insight into the policy side of human rights work. These sessions will include meetings with an array of Washington experts in human rights and foreign policy.

Lantos Fellows will gain unparalleled insight into the inter-workings of the United States Congress, while actively participating in the legislative process. Past participants have gone on to successful careers in government, law, politics, and business both in their home countries and in the United States.


Lantos Fellows must  have completed an undergraduate degree, and may have completed or be in the process of completing a graduate degree.

Lantos Fellows must have a demonstrable commitment to human rights work – either academically or professionally.

Only European and Israeli natives will be considered for Lantos Fellowships – reflecting the same journey that Tom Lantos made to the United States in his youth. 

All Lantos Fellows candidates must speak English fluently – all interviews and writing submissions will be conducted in English. 

Lantos Fellows will travel to the United States on a J-1 Visa, so any chosen Fellow must be able to  meet those eligibility requirements – most importantly, be enrolled at a post-secondary academic institution abroad OR have graduated from a post-secondary academic institution abroad no more than 12 months prior to September 2020. If graduation was more than 12 months prior to September 2020, applicant must have at least one year of related work experience prior to September 2020.  


The Lantos Foundation will provide furnished housing for all participants, as well as a small monthly stipend to help offset living expenses.  Washington, DC is an expensive place to live, and Fellows should plan accordingly based on their lifestyle. Single accommodations are not promised – Fellows should expect a group home with shared bedrooms and bathrooms.  Should the accommodations provided not be satisfactory, any Fellow may – at their own expense – seek other housing arrangements at any time during the Fellowship. Travel arrangements to Washington, DC will be made by and paid for by each individual Fellow.

The 2019 application period is now closed.