The Lantos Foundation is committed to giving voice to global citizens living under brutal regimes that ignore basic rights and use ruthless tactics to maintain their power. By working to promote fairness, justice, and basic citizen protections, we believe that human rights at large are better protected and advanced. To date, our work has focused largely on China and Russia, providing platforms to prisoners and activists in both countries that help tell their stories in an unfiltered way and provide the attention necessary to exact change. 

In 2017, the Lantos Foundation launched the annual Rule of Law Lecture, which provides a prominent political dissident a safe, global platform to offer perspective on Rule of Law issues in his or her home country, the challenges those citizens face, and what can be done to bring productive change.

2017 Lantos Rule of Law Lecture - Mikhail Khodorkovsky

2018 Lantos Rule of Law Lecture - Dr. Harold Koh

The Lantos Foundation Proudly presents — 
The Man Who Believed He Could Change Russia :