Lantos Foundation Commends E.U. for Honoring Raif Badawi with Top Human Rights Award

The Lantos Foundation for Human Rights and Justice has been at the forefront with those fighting for the release of Raif Badawi, and would like to commend the European Union for awarding Raif Badawi the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought. 

This brave man's only crime has been to advocate for the values of free speech, tolerance, religious reform, and the separation of mosque and state. He has faced brutal punishment and unjust incarceration, and it is time for the government of Saudi Arabia to show justice and mercy by releasing him and allowing him to be reunited with his family in Canada. 

Those of us who live in freedom have a moral duty to stand shoulder to shoulder with brave activists who dare to speak out for the fundamental human rights of all of us. Once again, we commend the European union for honoring Raif and look forward to the day when he can receive his prize in person.