An Update From Our 2012 Lantos Prize Recipient - Chen Guangcheng

2012 Lantos Human Rights Prize recipient & human rights activist, Chen Guangcheng, asked that the following information be shared with Lantos Foundation supporters:

Last Sunday, Chen Guangcheng heard from his older brother, Chen Guangfu, who lives in China, reporting that there were police surrounding their village. For four days, at every entrance to the village, a police car and 4 uniformed police as well as plain-clothed men were stationed 24 hours a day, watching and following whoever entered or left the village. As far as we know, as of this posting no one has been questioned or prevented from moving about, but there is concern about what this means and where it will lead.

The Chinese government continues to use intimidation tactics against anyone they perceive as a threat to their oppressive political control over the Chinese people and Chen’s family remains a particular target of the government. As we receive more information we will pass it along.