Press Release: Hungary to Establish Lantos Institute Later this Year, Prime Minister Viktor Orban Announces Establishment of the Lantos Institute in 2010

The Lantos Foundation welcomes with great enthusiasm the announcement from Prime Minister Orban that later this year Hungary will establish "The Lantos Institute" which will be based in Budapest and established to promote minority and human rights.

The announcement was officially made in Washington DC on June 24th by Hungary's new Minister of Foreign Affairs, Janos Martonyi, during his meeting with Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. Secretary of State Clinton, who was a close colleague and admirer of the late Congressman Tom Lantos has been deeply supportive of this initiative and expressed her hope to be present in Budapest for the inauguration of the Institute.

Mrs. Annette Lantos, chairman of the Lantos Foundation said, “We have long believed that such an institute will serve to strengthen the Transatlantic Alliance; while cementing Hungary’s reputation as an emerging leader in the human rights field and serve as an important vehicle for strengthening the forces of tolerance throughout Europe.

The Lantos Foundation for Human Rights and Justice wishes to express our deep gratitude for this commitment, and once again congratulate Prime Minister Orban on the progress that Hungary is beginning to make under his dynamic leadership.”