Lantos Foundation Calls for Strong American Support of Democracy and Human Rights in Georgia

Foundation makes $10,000 humanitarian grant for Georgian relief

Annette Lantos, Chairman of the Lantos Foundation for Human Rights and Justice, and former Ambassador Richard Swett, member of the Foundation’s board, met today with Georgian Ambassador to the United States Vasil Sikharulidze. Lantos and Swett expressed the Foundation’s concern for the humanitarian situation in the nation of Georgia and the Foundation’s strong support for this young democracy.

Lantos called on Americans of all backgrounds to join in the efforts to respond to the humanitarian crisis in Georgia. "The events of the last two weeks have produced a tidal wave of civilians driven from their homes by invading forces and marauding militias,” Lantos said. “The Georgian people have been uniquely supportive of American values, daring to do so in a part of the world where such courage carries very real risks. Now is the moment for the people of the United States to show our gratitude for that alliance of principle.”

Lantos and Swett also advised Ambassador Sikharulidze that the Foundation has made a humanitarian grant of $10,000 for relief for Georgian civilians in the aftermath of the recent conflict. The donation was made through the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee and the American Red Cross, both of which have established funds for Georgian relief.

“My late husband Congressman Tom Lantos would have been at the forefront of those calling for humanitarian relief for the victims of this conflict and for upholding rule of law and democracy in this situation,” said Lantos. “We, as a Foundation, are pleased to be able to be the voice he would have been.”