Lantos Foundation Statement on Kehilat Bnei Torah Synagogue Attack

CONCORD, NH – Like the rest of the world, the Lantos Foundation is deeply troubled by the recent attack on Jewish worshipers at the Kehilat Bnei Torah synagogue in Jerusalem. While this vicious act of terror demands a strong, unequivocal, and directed response, we call on the world’s citizens and leaders to resist the effort to stoke greater hatred and violence as a result of this tragic event. We commend the examples set by those who have already resisted this urge, and we hope that others will not use this tragic event for their own selfish gains. Our prayers go out to the families of those murdered this week and to all victims of religious intolerance around the world.

Statement Regarding Hungary's Response to Sándor Szakály's Remarks and the Proposed Monument to German Occupation

Dr. Katrina Lantos Swett
President, Lantos Foundation for Human Rights and Justice

Recent days have seen considerable controversy in Hungary over the remarks of Sándor Szakály, Director of the Veritas Institute.  His statements regarding the tragic and unforgivable 1941 deportation of thousands of Jews from Hungary to Ukraine where they were massacred in the notorious Kamenets-Podolskii atrocity have sparked outrage and deep concern across Hungary and beyond.

The Lantos Foundation is aware that Mr. Szakály has acknowledged that his statements were wrong and ill informed.   This is an important step and we welcome it.  Nonetheless, questions remain as to whether Mr. Szakály is the appropriate person to serve as the Director of an institute of historical research.

We are also aware of the statement issued by the Minister of State for the Prime Minister’s office, Mr. János Lázár. This very brief statement merely asserts that the views Sándor Szakály expressed do not reflect the opinion of the Prime Minister’s office.  One would hope that this was self-evident, and while appreciated, this modest comment is by no means an adequate repudiation of the offensive and inaccurate comments of Mr. Szakály.

The deeper question remains regarding Hungary’s willingness to come to terms with its complicity in the deportation and murder of over half a million Hungarian citizens during the Holocaust. This painful issue is one that must be honestly faced, not only for the sake of Hungary’s past, but more importantly for the sake of Hungary’s future.

The Lantos Foundation sincerely appreciates the powerful and courageous speeches of Deputy Prime Minister Tibor Navracsics and Foreign Minister János Martonyi at the October 2013 conference on resurgent anti-Semitism that was sponsored by the Tom Lantos Institute in Budapest, We also appreciate the eloquent and strong remarks of Ambassador Csaba Kőrösi, at the recent opening of the United Nations exhibit commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Hungarian Holocaust. Such speeches reflect the integrity and decency of the Hungarian people. Furthermore, going back a decade, the Hungarian government established the Holocaust Memorial Center on Páva Street, which is one of the most impressive such museums anywhere in the world. In addition, many important initiatives are planned to memorialize this tragic 70th anniversary and to teach the lessons of this terrible time in Hungarian history to a new generation.

Press Release: The Lantos foundation forcefully condemns attack on Jewish group in Germany

Following an attack on a Jewish dance group at a cultural festival in Hannover, Germany, during which a group of Arab youths hurled rocks at the performers and injured one group member, the Lantos Foundation issued this statement:

It is deeply disturbing that in the heart of Europe, more than sixty years after the Holocaust, Jewish citizens are being targeted for violent attack. This incident is part of a rising tide of renewed anti-Semitism in Europe, the continent that witnessed the premeditated massacre of over six million men, women, and children of Jewish heritage. While the vast majority of Germans no doubt reject this appalling behavior, it is nonetheless shocking that such an incident occurred in the country most associated with the horrors of the Holocaust.

We call upon not only the German government but, more importantly, the German people and all Europeans to forcefully and unequivocally condemn this outrage. It is more than a little ironic that this unprovoked attack on Jewish people took place just a few weeks after a senior member of the Washington Press Corps asserted that the Jews should “get the hell out of Palestine” and go back to Europe.

The ancient poison of anti-Semitism is tragically alive and well in the world. Those who engage in an orchestrated campaign to delegitimize the existence of the only Jewish state will feed and spread this poison.