Episode 7 : Annette Lantos on Raoul Wallenberg


We welcome back the Chair of the Lantos Foundation, Annette Lantos. For more than two decades, by the side of Congressman Tom Lantos, she worked as the unpaid Executive Director of the Congressional Human Rights Caucus. 

She was responsible for many of the most important human rights initiatives undertaken by Tom Lantos and was an acknowledged human rights leader in her own right. Annette Lantos' evolution from wife, mother, and educator to activist began in the late 1970's when she first learned that the hero who had saved her during the Holocaust might still be alive and languishing in a Soviet prison. We spoke with Annette about that hero - Raoul Wallenberg, the incredible impact he had on her life, and the example he is to all of us.

Lantos Foundation Calls on Russia to Release all New Documents on Raoul Wallenberg